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HSP D3 Mag Carrier - 2&2 - Drop Leg


  • $ 6500
  • Save $ 76

The core component of the D3 Carrier system. Designed to carry 2 AR-15/M-4 Type Rifle Magazines. Fits most common magazines.
The D3 Carrier is very compact, spanning just 7 inches wide. Adjustable tension allows operator to taylor the amount of retention required for the mission at hand.
The back side of the D3 Carriers are covered in loop material to provide both a comfortable padding, and to be compatible with hook and loops systems.

Fits: USGI, Magpul, Lancer, Tango Down and others.
(Does not fit the Surefire Quad Stacked 60 or 100 round mags)


Comes with Pistol Mag 2-Pack for double stack Glock type mags

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